An open letter to the citizens of the United States of America from Thea Shiloh


I am writing from Planet Utopia which is located in the Proxima Centauri B solar system, twenty-six trillion miles from planet earth.


With the advent of your digital technology I am able to research your planet’s entire history. As chairwoman of the Department of American Studies, my area of concentration is American History. With access to all your media: television, movies, you tube, facebook, instagram, twitter and more, I am able to have a comprehensive view of your society.


If you continue developing space travel technology at your current pace, I estimate you will be able to arrive at Planet Utopia within the next millennium.


Our planet views this with great trepidation. We have noted with dismay the violence that pervades your culture as well as your constant interference in the affairs of other countries. We are aware of your expropriation of their natural resources, your distortion of their economy, your imposition of your cultural values, and the havoc you have wreaked on their environment,


We have observed your society’s obscene wealth for a few, poverty for many, discrimination against fellow citizens for reasons as trivial as skin color or sexual preference, and your consistent use of war as a way of resolving conflicts.


I would, however, emphasize that we have also seen you exhibit behaviors of generosity, kindness, love, and self-sacrifice for the greater good. These behaviors offer us some small hope, that by sharing with you our life on Planet Utopia, by the time you are able to arrive at our solar system you will have become a gentle and caring people.


In Friendship,

Thea Shiloh

From: Jack Moscou

To: Thea Shiloh

Date, 2020


I just read your open letter. Back in 2013, I wrote Why Not Utopia? A political platform in search of a party, envisioning what life in Utopia might be like. I am excited by the possibility of seeing what life in a Utopian society looks like. I would welcome the opportunity of corresponding with you.


I noticed you described yourself as Chairwoman of the Department of American Studies. I am wondering why you chose a gender -specific title; our guardians of politically correct speech will object strenuously to your self-descriptive choice.


Jack Moscou